Changeset API

The LINZ Data Service Changeset API allows you to keep your copy of LINZ data up to date by providing access to only the data that has changed between revisions.

A changeset is the difference between two revisions of a dataset. Our Changeset API leverages LINZ Data Service (LDS) web feature services to request just the data that has changed between dataset revisions. 

If you need the latest LINZ data on hand, using the Changeset API saves you time and resource in keeping your copy of LINZ data up to date. 

Changesets are created through a feature by feature comparison between revisions of a dataset. This determines whether a feature is new, updated or deleted. The incremental dataset requested will contain just the added, updated and deleted records between your old copy and the latest available data.  See our reference guide on change definition for information on action types.

Change definition and actions

WFS versions

Our Changeset API leverages the LDS Web Feature Service. The default version for this service is WFS 2.0. Please familiarise yourselves with the specifications of the WFS versions, as the significant differences between them will affect their use. 

Datasets available via changesets

The Changeset API is supported for the majority of vector datasets on LDS, including all LDS Property Ownership and Boundaries, Road and Address, Crown Property and Topo50 datasets.

Property, boundaries and address data is updated weekly. Other datasets available via changesets are updated quarterly or as required. 

Changeset access options

You can access an incremental dataset as a file download in a supported output format, or as a WFS feed containing the changed records for a selected period.