Using LDS changesets with FME

In May 2013, LDS Manager Jeremy Palmer spoke at the FME World Tour in Auckland. He demonstrated using LDS web services changesets in FME to replicate parcel data from LDS into a database.

FME Workbench screenshot

Download the LDS FME presentation

Published 13 May 2013

Download the example FME workbench

Published 13 May 2013

This example set of FME 2013 workbenches replicates Wellington parcel data from LDS using Web Feature Service to your own local MSSQL2008 database system. To run, open the lds_wfs_mssql_parcel_demo.fmw FME workbench and click Run. You will need to enter your LDS web services API key and the name of the MSSQL 2008 database.


  • FME 2013 Microsoft SQL Server edition and SQLServer 2008 or later (with geometry data type).
  • A direct connection to the internet, and a locally installed MSSQL 2008 database instance. If this is not the case, change the Database Server and WFS Proxy published parameters values.

How to debug the example if it fails to run

  • Check the log file which is saved alongside the FME Workbench File, and the log files in the sub workspaces folder.
  • Any feature counts labelled on the connectors in the FME GUI can be used to determine how far the process got before stopping.