Manual dealing requisitions and rejections

When LINZ checks documents that are manually lodged, we follow a process established in the Land Transfer Act 2017, and the Land Transfer Regulations 2018.

This includes two options if the documents do not satisfy the legal requirements:

  • requisition – which means we hold on to the documents, and contact you for more information
  • rejection – which means the documents are sent back, for correction and re-submission.

In either case, the person who is trying to manually lodge the documents will receive a notice setting out what needs to be corrected.

The main difference between the two responses is that a requisition will keep the same place in the queue of documents ready for registration (formal entry into the Landonline database) – as long as you respond with the required information before the deadline.

In the case of a rejection, the returned documents need to be corrected and a new lodgement form completed. It will then be treated as a new file, with a different ‘dealing number’, and will have a new receipt date.

For more information, see our step-by-step guide How to make a manual lodgement.

Fees for manual lodgements are listed under the ‘manual’ headings on the Landonline fees and charges tables.

Getting clarification of a requisition or rejection

If you want more information about a requisition or rejection, please contact LINZ on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463). It helps to have the ‘dealing number’ to hand. We will arrange for you to get further explanation.

If you seek a formal review of the reasons for a requisition or rejection, you need to complete this form: Review of Manual Dealing Rejection/Requisition Reasons. You can:

LINZ will investigate and report the outcome of the review to you. Please do not re-submit your manual lodgement until you have received a response.