Applications to cancel a unit plan

Applications to cancel a unit plan under ss 177 and 187 Unit Titles Act 2010 can be submitted via e-dealing under the instrument code CUTP.

To assist customers LINZ has made CUTP instruments are e-capable as image only instruments with no certifications.

Some watch points to consider when using an electronic CUTP:

  • Certificates under sections 216 and 177(7) Unit Titles Act 2010 are required to be lodged for registration under instrument codes C216 and C177 prior to the CUTP. Both of these are e-capable instruments. These are to be included in the same dealing as the CUTP instrument.
  • Please refer to the Interim Guideline for Unit Titles Act 2010 –LINZG20720 for further information on the registration requirements.
  • The ‘Create New Title’ button is available to customers under a CUTP.

If you have following instruments in the dealing that affect the underlying land of the cancelled unit development then you should use the ‘Create New Title’ button to pre-allocate a title that you can then link as ‘Affected’ to the CUTP and to the following instruments.