Fast Track requests

Until 1 Dec 2023, the current Fast Track request connects a Survey and Title lodgement together and tells Toitū Te Whenua that they are connected. This helps us monitor work on these transactions and make the processing of them a priority where possible.

Fast Track applications no longer accepted from 1 December 2023

Fast Track applications will no longer be accepted from 1 December 2023 as we are changing the way we manage work where we have a plan and associated dealing.

Landonline recognises connected Survey and Title lodgements where the plan number has been correctly added into the dealing. From 1 December we will no longer accept Fast Track requests, as those transactions will already be linked for processing in our system. 

What does priority mean?

Priority means the transaction (Survey and Title) will be assigned for processing ahead of comparable non-Fast Track work.

How does the process work?

The Fast Track allocation process is automated. When you submit a Fast Track request, Landonline flags the Survey and Dealing as Fast Track. The Survey and Dealing will keep this Fast Track status even if transactions are requisitioned.

The only exception is when a dealing is rejected, refused or withdrawn. If this happens, the resubmitted dealing will not be Fast Track.

Fast Track requests are no longer manually assessed, so any additional information entered is not monitored by our staff. We are turning the comments field off to make it clear that this old way of working no longer applies.

If you have any additional information related to your dealing circumstances, please provide it through a dealing correspondence request.


The Fast Track process works most efficiently when work is compliant. Work that is non-compliant retains its Fast Track priority when it is resubmitted, which can slow down our delivery of new Fast Track work, and our responses to urgency requests and other lodged work.

We expect a level of non-compliance in the submissions we receive, and will work with you to resolve transactions that are large or have complex processing or regulatory requirements. Please take this into account when deciding whether fast track is suitable or realistic for your transaction.

How to lodge survey, dealing and title Fast Track Requests

  1. The survey and dealing must be lodged before you can lodge a Titles – Fast Track Request.
  2. If your survey has been approved already, your Titles – Fast Track Request will be declined. If there are circumstance that require urgency for your transaction you should lodge an Urgency Request.
  3. Titles – Fast Track Requests are actioned automatically. You do not need to supply any other comments or information.

Differences between Legacy and New Landonline

E-dealing Landonline customers can create a Titles – Fast Track Request within Legacy Landonline or New Landonline.

In Legacy Landonline, use the ‘Request Type’ dropdown in the ‘Create Request’ subsystem.

In New Landonline, there are 2 ways to access the ‘Create Request’ page:

  • Click the ‘nine dots’ icon in the top left corner, then select ‘Requests’.
  • Access the ‘Create Request’ page from the menu on the right-hand side.
Switching apps in Landonline
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