Fast track requests

Find out how and when to lodge a new title fast-track request.

This process is only available for e-dealings lodged with an associated e-survey within Landonline.

With e-survey + Title Fast-Track Request, we aim to reduce the processing time for approval of an e-survey and issue of the associated title.

If the dealing linked to the fast-track request is requisitioned, it will retain fast-track status when resubmitted.

The dealing linked to a fast-track request may be rejected, refused or withdrawn, but it will not retain the fast-track status when re-submitted (as it will be under a new dealing number).

eDealing Landonline customers can now create a “Fast-Track” e-request within Landonline. This is available from the request type dropdown in the “Create Request” subsystem of Landonline. The e-request makes it easier for customers to track the status of their Fast-Track request and improves the efficiency of the service.