Requisition and rejection review requests

Information about querying a rejection, how to request a review, and the review process for e-dealings.

Querying a Rejection – Instigating a Rejection Review

You may wish to clarify or challenge a rejection or requisition.

Do this by either:

  • With the rejected dealing number, contact LINZ on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463)
  • Submitting a Request from your Workspace.  Use either “Titles-Requisition-Rejection Clarification“ or “Titles – Requisition – Rejection Review”.  Information about how to create and submit a Request is available in the Requests user guide.
  • Completing a Review of e-dealing rejection reasons form (doc 44KB) and emailing it to with “Review of rejection (or requisition)” in the subject line.  LINZ will create a Request for your email.

If you are challenging a rejection/requisition, you should set out your reasoning and supporting evidence in full.

The Rejection Review Process

LINZ applies an escalation process to requests to review a requisition or rejection.  

Your phone call, Request or email (that is captured as a Request), will first be directed to the Property Rights Analyst that worked on the dealing.

The Property Rights Analyst will assess the information you present and reconsider the rejection/requisition.  If the PRA considers the rejection/rejection was correct, your Request will be escalated further.  At each step, LINZ staff are empowered to ‘overturn’ a rejection/requisition.  The last person involved is a Property Rights Solicitor (in-house solicitor who advises on Land Registration matters).  If necessary, the entire team of Property Rights Solicitors will review and discuss the rejection.

If the rejection/requisition is ‘upheld’ (ie LINZ confirms that the rejection/requisition was valid and remains in place), LINZ will endeavour to provide a full explanation for the rejection/requisition (usually from a Property Rights Solicitor).  

If the rejection/requisition of a dealing is upheld, the final recourse is to request a review under section 214 Land Transfer Act 2017.  This request should be in writing and:

  • can be made directly to the Registrar-General of Land at the Wellington Office
  • can be made to LINZ by email to, or
  • by submitting a Request from your Workspace. LINZ will forward your request to the RGL.