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Landonline request types

Information about requests in Landonline, the request types that are available and how they should be used.

In addition to creating and lodging Cadastral Survey Datasets and title dealings, Landonline customers are able to use the ‘Requests’ function. Requests are how you: 

  • request copies of land records that are not already available in Landonline
  • access subject matter experts who can assist with:
    • investigation for complex dealing and survey matters
    • requisition or rejection notices
    • correcting titles, surveys or spatial information.

Most requests are completed within 2 to 5 working days, although standard response times vary for some requests.

The 'request type' you select is key to ensuring you receive the right help or information. Every request you create will automatically be assigned a number. Keep a record of that number. View your requests in the 'My Work' folder in your Workspace.

If your request concerns a dealing or survey that is not with Toitū Te Whenua (it has not been submitted and is still in your Workspace ‘In Progress’), then you should provide information about the dealing or survey (such as copies of instruments). The Technical Advisors (who handle most requests) cannot see your Workspace so cannot view a dealing or survey until it has been submitted.

Provide survey and title references where relevant – you do not need to provide copies of documents that are searchable in Landonline. You can attach images or documents to your request.

Frequently used request types

Request typeWhen to use
Request Manual Copy

When a document is not available as an image in Landonline use Request Manual Copy (RMC) to order a copy of the document.

Create a separate RMC for each record you require.

This request must be created through the Searches window. Open Searches, select Tools, select Request Manual Copy.

Titles_InformationWhen you require general information that is related to a title.

A new urgency request process is now in place. The process may be different to what you are used to.

Requests for a dealing to be processed urgently must be submitted through the Landonline workspace. 

To do this, submit a ‘Request for urgency’ via Landonline.  

We will endeavour to respond with an outcome on all urgency requests within 1-2 business days. 

Titles_Requisition_Rejection Clarification

When you are unclear about a rejection/requisition item.

Link the rejected dealing with this request so that your query will workflow to the staff member that worked on your dealing.

Titles_Requisition_Rejection Review

When you disagree with a rejection/requisition item. Set out your full reasons and analysis as to how the rejection is incorrect.

Link the rejected dealing with this request so that your query will workflow to the staff member that worked on your dealing.


When your investigations show there is an error on the current view of a title. You can use this request type to present your findings and bring the error to the attention of Toitū Te Whenua. We will investigate and corroborate your findings and make the correction where possible. See more information about correcting the Register.

Note that this request type is only available for errors made by Toitū Te Whenua and not registration errors made by practitioners.

Titles_Correction Prevents Registration

As above, however use this request type when the title error prevents further registration. 

We give this request type high priority.

Other request types

Request typeWhen to use
Correction of tax information

Use this request type to correct tax information incorrectly submitted in a dealing, for example through a data entry mistake.

Find out how more about correcting property tax information

Titles_Application to sustain caveat (S145/A145)Use this request type when you are notifying Toitū Te Whenua that the caveator has made an application to the High Court to sustain his or her caveat. Link the request to the dealing that attempts to lapse the caveat.
Titles_Dealing Correspondence

Use this request type to add a message about a dealing that you have submitted to Toitū Te Whenua (in the form of a letter, for example).

Link the request with the dealing (by typing the dealing number in the dealing field) and the request will workflow to the person working on your dealing.

Titles_Fee Extension

Use this request type if your dealing was rejected or requisitioned and you need more time to fulfil the requirements before the fees already paid are forfeited.

Link the request to the rejected dealing and the request will workflow to the person who has worked on your dealing.

Titles_Survey InformationWhen you need survey information about a survey plan. These requests workflow to a Survey Technical Advisor. This request type is not suitable when you have title or registration queries that relate to a survey plan (use Titles_Titles Information).
TA_Amalgamation ConsultationThis request is available to territorial authorities (councils) who must consult with Toitū Te Whenua under s 220(3) Resource Management Act 1991 (to assess whether a proposed amalgamation condition is practicable).
Titles_Withdraw DealingTo withdraw a dealing before it is registered.
Titles_Withdraw InstrumentTo withdraw an instrument within a dealing before it is registered.
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