Correcting property tax information

What you need to know about amending incorrect tax information submitted with a dealing.

Using the 'Correction of tax information' request type

Where a lawyer has made a typographical error or where a client provided incorrect tax information, you will need to correct it using the ‘Correction of tax information’ request type.

You will need to attach comments and evidence to support the correction of tax information, including:

  • the transfer instrument number,
  • the name of the party whose tax information is being corrected and their capacity (transferor/transferee),
  • the incorrect tax details previously provided that are being corrected,
  • the correct tax information, and
  • the new tax statement date.

Once we have processed your request, we'll send the corrected information on to Inland Revenue.

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Correcting an existing tax statement vs a new tax statement

It’s important to note that tax details can only be corrected. It is not possible to update tax details, for example as a result of changes in circumstance.

If the tax information was incorrect on the original tax statement then a new or updated tax statement is required to be signed and dated by your client.

If the tax information is correct on the original tax statement and the error is a result of a data entry error in Workspace, a new tax statement is not required but you must advise us it was a data entry error.

This is also the wrong request type for tax queries. If you have a tax query that cannot be answered from the material on our new property tax compliance requirements webpage, please create a ‘Titles information’ request.