Property transfers and tax residency data

LINZ collects tax-related data when people buy, sell or transfer property. LINZ has produced the quarterly property transfers and tax residency reports since 2016 using transfer tax statements data, and has helped Stats NZ replicate their methodology and enhance the data series.

In May 2018, Stats NZ announced it is taking over the analysis and publication of property transfer statistics.

The statistics will include information on the citizenship or visa status of people transferring property (including homes) in New Zealand. They will also include information on the tax residency of people and companies involved in property transfers.

Please visit the Stats NZ website for this information

Information on the size or value of the property being transferred is not included in this report as this is not collected in the tax statements. While the data contains tax residency information, this is not the same as nationality and this is not a register of foreign ownership of residential or other property.