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Setting up Landonline in a Citrix or Terminal Service environment

What you (and your IT support person) need to know about installing Landonline in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment.

Before you begin...

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  • Give some extra information to your IT support person - Provide additional information for network administrators to set up Landonline in Citrix and Terminal Services environments. Please also refer to Providing access to Landonline via Virtual Desktop (VDI) environments, which gives an overview of  considerations required when providing access to Landonline via VDI/Terminal Services.


Ensure all software installed into a Terminal Services/Citrix environment is done correctly in "Install Mode". This will ensure that the installed applications are configured to be run by all users of the server.


Step 1 - Install Software

Set up Landonline and the associated applications as documented on the following web pages:

Step 2 - Configure the UniPrint Client on the Server(s)

UniPrint software is generally installed on the client workstation. However, if you are using a server based computing environment, the UniPrint client will need to be installed onto your Citrix or Terminal server(s).


A user has reported that when installing the Uniprint software, even with the terminal server in Install mode, the install path option was set for the logged on user only and the radio button to select Install for all users was greyed out. Their workaround was to install Uniprint in Machine mode using the command: C:\>msiexec /i c:\uniprintclient50.msi ALLUSERS=1  (assumes the installer file is in the C drive)

Once you have installed the client, you will need to configure it to use a unique spool location for each user.

By default, UniPrint is set to spool documents to the c:\ folder on the user's local machine. The UniPrint client (which is installed onto the Terminal or Citrix server in this case) monitors this area for print jobs. When a .ppf print file is identified, it is then opened by either UniPrint or the Adobe reader, depending on how UniPrint is configured.

If the user doesn't have a c:\ drive or doesn't have write access to the c:\ drive, then the spool jobs are unable to be written to disk. UniPrint will be monitoring this area for the spool documents, so if everyone shares the same area (common when the c:\ drive is a shared network drive), then people may receive other people's print jobs.

To resolve, configure the Uniprint client to have a Spool Directory specific to each user.

Step 3 - Install Users' Digital Certificates on the Citrix Terminal Server(s)

Landonline terms and conditions Schedule 1: Digital Certificate user obligations

  • Digital Certificate must only be installed on a single PC or Server.
  • There cannot be multiple copies of a Digital Certificate installed at any one time.

Therefore, depending on how the environment is configured, you may need to configure one server to access the Landonline application and have the users' Digital Certificates installed on that server. The Digital Certificate Management section of  Providing access to Landonline via Virtual Desktop (VDI) environments provides an indication of what is considered to be acceptable DC  management in a VDI environment.

Configuration of each user's profile or ICA/RDP Client will allow users to consistently connect to that server. This will ensure that whenever a user attempts to access the Landonline application, their Digital Certificate is available to authenticate them to the secure Landonline logon page.

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