You are viewing guidance that refers to, or is for Legacy Landonline.

Landonline - common questions

Answers to common questions about using Landonline.

Can I log on from anywhere?

You can log on from anywhere with an internet connection providing you have your Digital Certificate and the computer you are using has the correct software on it (e.g. Uniprint, Citrix).

What about improvements to Landonline?

We are currently focused on creating new Landonline applications via the modernising Landonline programme, so for the most part in legacy Landonline we are only addressing bug fixes, and changes required to facilitate the transition to new Landonline. We will also do any changes that are required for legislative compliance.

Find out about our modernising Landonline programme

What are Digital Certificates?

Digital Certificates (DCs) are used to sign transactions in both legacy and new Landonline, and in legacy Landonline they help ensure the security of this older infrastructure by providing a second layer of authentication.

When you download a DC using DC Loader, two versions of the DC are created.

One version is a local ‘.p12’ file, and it is this encrypted file that is used for signing in both legacy and new Landonline.

The other version is stored in your Windows Certificate Store, and it is this instance that is used to authenticate you as a valid Landonline user when you attempt to access the legacy Landonline login page. If a valid DC is not found your access will be refused. 

Example error message from MS Edge:

Landonline error message

Why do I need a Digital Certificate when I’m only searching in Landonline?

You require a Digital Certificate (DC) to access legacy Landonline.

You do have the option of becoming a Web Search Only user where a DC is not required. If choosing this option you will be able to access Landonline Web Search but will no longer be able to access legacy Landonline. If you later find you need to access legacy Landonline search functionality you will need to request a DC by completing the Change Individual’s Details form, and entering a user access type of e-search under ‘Landonline Usage Details’.

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