District and city councils are responsible for allocating road names and property numbers.

Allocating road names and property numbers

Councils’ roles and responsibilities for addressing can be found in section 319(1)(j) and section 319B(1) Local Government Act 1974. They can allocate or change a road name or property number.

Whenever a council allocates or changes a road name or property number it is required to advise Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) section 319A and 319B(3)

LINZ then makes sure the road name or property number meets the Addressing Standard and guidelines, and updates the official national record. Where a property number is unacceptable, such as where it does not comply with the Addressing Standard , LINZ may require a council to change the number - see section 319B(2)

Here’s more information for Territorial Authorities on how to supply LINZ with addresses in a GIS format:

Providing address information

LINZ makes the official address information that it holds available in several forms at no or minimal cost. Data resellers, in particular, take this data and tailor it for end-users such as the emergency services, businesses, local government, and central government agencies. Note that this address information does not include the name of property residents or owner.

Property owners and occupiers

Property owners or residents sometimes want to have a part in the numbering process and can talk to their council about this. However, ultimately councils are legally responsible for allocating property numbers and passing them on to LINZ. Councils will also need to comply with the Addressing standards and guidelines.

Displaying the property number

Clearly visible property numbers makes it easier to find a property. Road controlling authorities, which are in most cases the councils, can create by-laws that require property owners or occupiers to the show property number allocated by the Council - see section 22AB(1)(x) Land Transport Act 1998.


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