Offences relating to Cadastral Surveys

This page summarises the Cadastral Survey Act's information on offenses.

Part 6 of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002 specifies offences and penalties relating to cadastral surveys. A person must not:

  • knowingly obstruct or hinder a cadastral surveyor or their assistants who have lawful authority to enter land to perform their duties and functions in relation to a cadastral survey
  • knowingly or recklessly interfere with a survey mark without the Surveyor-General’s approval
  • place a false survey mark, with the intention of misleading any person
  • undertake anything for the purposes of a cadastral survey if they are not:
    • a licensed cadastral surveyor, or
    • acting under the direction of a licensed cadastral surveyor, or
    • acting under legislative authority
  • misrepresent that someone is a licensed cadastral surveyor when they are not.

For additional guidance relating to restrictions on cadastral survey work see