This page provides information on the implementation of the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021.

Rules clarification

The Rules clarification page provides information and resolution to issues identified when implementing the CSR 2021. Please visit this page to ensure you have access to the latest information prior to commencing a survey under CSR 2021.

Rules clarification

The Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 are available on the New Zealand legislation website:

Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

Unlike previous versions of the rules, we will not be printing and distributing hard copies of the latest version.

Cadastral Survey Guidelines

We are developing new guidance to support surveyors undertaking cadastral surveys and preparing CSDs. The Cadastral Survey Guidelines integrate new guidance on the CSR 2021 with existing material from various sources to create a one-stop-shop of information.

Cadastral Survey Guidelines

The Surveyor-General’s guidelines on the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 will continue to be available in the KnowledgeBase until the end of the transition period.

Surveyor-General's Guidelines (RCS 2010)

Transitional arrangements

During the six-month transition period (30 August 2021 to 24 February 2022) CSDs can be certified and lodged in terms of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 only where the survey started prior to 30 August 2021. When starting a new survey you are required to use the CSR 2021. From 25 February 2022 CSDs lodged for the first time can only be certified in terms of the CSR 2021.

Where a CSD is certified in terms of RCS 2010 and is requisitioned it may continue to be certified under RCS 2010, provided it is returned from requisition within 20 working days.

We have developed a comprehensive document to assist surveyors transitioning from RCS 2010 to CSR 2021.  The document identifies the key changes to the RCS 2010 that will be implemented in the CSR 2021. The changes have been split into three categories, field, office, and boundary reinstatements. It also describes the work that would be required to convert a CSD in terms of the RCS 2010 to CSR 2021.

Transitioning from RCS 2010 to CSR 2021 v4.0


Landonline has been updated to support the CSR 2021 and the transitional arrangements which came into effect on 30 August 2021.

See our webinar for a summary of the key Landonline changes

We have created an up-to-date Landonline pre-validation report explanation specifically for the new business rules created to support CSR 2021.

Landonline pre-validation report explanation for CSR 2021 v7.0

For a detailed summary of all changes see the Landonline release notes and Known issues for surveyors pages:

Landonline release 3.24 notes

Known issues for e-survey

To convert a RCS 2010 to CSR 2021 CSD follow the steps outlined in our transition document:

Transitioning from RCS 2010 to CSR 2021

Lodgement Standard

The Standard for lodgement of cadastral survey datasets (Lodgement Standard) sets the minimum requirements of cadastral survey datasets (CSDs) when lodging them through Landonline.  It is a standard of the Chief Executive of Toitū Te Whenua LINZ and partners the standard set by the Surveyor-General, which is currently the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010.

Standard for lodgement of cadastral survey datasets 

The Lodgement Standard will be reviewed to reflect changes brought about by the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 (CSR 2021) after a bedding-in period for the Rules and improvements to Landonline.  Until the new standard comes into force, the existing Lodgement Standard will continue to apply.  A guidance article has been created to provide an explanation of the general impact of the CSR 2021 and some items of detail.

Lodgement Standard


Toitū Te Whenua LINZ held a series of webinars to support the new rules prior to them coming into effect:

Webinar 1: May 2021 - Changes in the field

This webinar focuses on assisting surveyors with changes in the field.

Webinar 2: Aug 2021 - Office and Landonline changes

This webinar focuses on everything you need to know about the new CSR 2021, including:

  • Transitional arrangements
  • Key rule changes impacting the preparation of a CSD
  • Key capture changes using Landonline
  • How to convert a Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 (RCS 2010) CSD to CSR 2021 CSD

Training video: Feb 2022 - How to convert a Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 CSD to the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

If you have RCS 2010 CSDs that won’t be lodged before the 24 February, this training video to help you with the conversion to the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021.

Information for lawyers

The Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 have made changes to survey capture and terminology which will be referred to progressively from September 2021, once the Rules come into effect. This factsheet outlines the changes that will be most relevant to lawyers.

Factsheet - Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

Last Updated: 21 February 2022