Lodgement Standard

Guidance on the standard for lodgement of cadastral survey datasets - LINZS70000 (Lodgement Standard) and the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021.

Purpose of Lodgement Standard

Section 9(a) of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002 (the Act) requires the Chief Executive to determine whether cadastral survey datasets (CSDs) and cadastral surveys comply with the standards set by the Surveyor-General under s 7(1)(c) of the Act. Those standards are the Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 (CSR 2021).

Section 9(b) of the Act requires the Chief Executive to provide facilities to receive CSDs. The Chief Executive has established Landonline as that facility.

Section 9(c) of the Act requires the Chief Executive to set conditions for the use of the facilities referred to in s 9(b).

The Lodgement Standard sets the minimum requirements for the lodgement of CSDs using Landonline and to assist with efficient and consistent processing and integration into the cadastre.

Licensed cadastral surveyors must comply with this standard when lodging a CSD with LINZ for approval as to survey.

Standard for lodgement of cadastral survey datasets - LINZS70000

Existing standard to remain in force

The Lodgement Standard is intended to be updated to accommodate changes brought about by CSR 2021 and improvements to Landonline. However, to ensure a successful update to the standard, a decision has been made to delay the drafting and introduction of a new standard until the new survey rules have been in use for a period of time.

Until the new standard comes into force, the existing Lodgement Standard shall continue to apply.

Applying the Lodgement Standard to CSR 2021 datasets

The requirements of the Lodgement Standard continue to apply subject to the following changes:

  • A reference to RCS 2010 is to be read as a reference to CSR 2021.
  • A reference to a stratum boundary is to be read as a reference to a height-limited boundary.
  • A reference to a boundary marking CSD, a boundary marking – monumentation CSD or a boundary marking – reinstatement CSD is to be read as a reference to a simple boundary reinstatement CSD. All information required by rules 119 to 121 CSR 2021 must be captured in Landonline, irrespective of standards 4.1(c) and 4.2.1.


If compliance with the Lodgement Standard cannot be achieved due to the requirements of CSR 2021 or changes to Landonline functionality, then please apply for an exemption using a ‘Survey_Survey Dispensation’ request in Landonline.

Refer to Survey dispensation requests for guidance on how to apply for an exemption.

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