10 December 2020

Issue 163

In this edition, we feature news about:

•    Heavy Landonline use expected in December
•    Landonline Notice of Change extends to Marlborough
•    Westpac joins Landonline Notice to Mortgagee
•    Public Land Record Search launches in February
•    Changes to fast-track process
•    Unit appellation unique parcel identifier format updated
•    Withholding Information in the Register Guideline 2020
•    End of year/new year hours
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From everyone at Land Information New Zealand Toitū te Whenua, we wish you a safe and relaxing holiday.
Our next issue of Landwrap will be in early February.

Heavy Landonline use expected during December 

We are currently seeing unprecedented use of Landonline and we have significantly increased our capacity to cover this busy period. 

If use continues to increase until Christmas Eve, there may be times when capacity is exceeded because too many people are trying to connect to Landonline at the same time.

If you get an “Access is denied” or “Cannot Start App Landonline Workspace” error message when trying to log in to Landonline, it will be because the maximum number of concurrent users is already connected. Please try again until a session is available. 

It is best to avoid peak connection hours, particularly 11am-12:30pm, if possible.

If searching a record of title or survey plan, you could consider using Web Search, which does not have the same capacity constraints. Web Search allows you to search and retrieve the same Landonline products and can be accessed by clicking this link and entering your Landonline user ID and password. Web Search accesses the same database and uses the same billing system as Landonline, so both systems can be used interchangeably when searching or preparing a transaction for a client.

Web Search

Landonline Notice of Change extends to Marlborough

All transactions on land within Marlborough boundaries can now use the new Notice of Change of Ownership (NoC). On 7 December, Marlborough became the latest council to go live with NoC, following Tauranga and Wellington. 

NoC allows conveyancing professionals to notify territorial authorities of change of ownership on a title within Landonline.

The uptake to the new Landonline NoC continues to grow in Tauranga and Wellington regions, and is now used for about half of all transactions.

The new automated features reduce the potential for errors and duplication entering information, and we encourage all solicitors transacting in these areas to use the new NoC.

We are continuing to work with Auckland and Christchurch councils to onboard them to the new process. We will continue to announce new councils in Landwrap and the Landonline notice of change of ownership (NoC) page.

Westpac joins Landonline Notice to Mortgagee

Westpac bank on 7 December became the latest subscribed financial institution to our automated Notification to Mortgagee service. This service replaces the need for solicitors to post registration forward search copies of registration. 

Westpac joins SBS and TSB. More information on Landonline Notice to Mortagee

Public Land Record Search launches in February

From 1 February 2021 members of the public will be able to search and order titles from our website, making it easier and cheaper for New Zealanders to access title information.

Searching by owners' name, parcel ID or in bulk, for example, will continue to be restricted to our registered users, but for individual title searches this is a significant improvement for the public.  

For more information on the new public Land Record Search or Rebuilding Landonline programme, please contact rebuildinglandonline@linz.govt.nz   

Changes to fast-track process

The fast-track process is available for e-dealings lodged with an associated e-survey within Landonline. Updates to automate parts of the internal process were made in a recent Landonline release. The fast-track process aims to reduce the end-to-end processing time for approval of the survey and issue of associated titles. The time to process fast-track transactions depends on the current processing time for survey and title transactions. LINZ aims to process fast-track transactions within the lower limits of these times on the Landonline side bar.

A “request for fast-track” can only be made by an e-dealing user within the Landonline workspace under “create request”. The plan and dealing numbers must be added to the request. Landonline automatically checks that the plan has a status of “submitted” and the dealing has a status of “lodged”. If these criteria are met, the request will be accepted. If not, the request will not proceed and it cannot be saved. The request will need to be re-created and sent when the survey plan and dealing have statuses updated to submitted and lodged respectively. 

The option to manually lodge a fast-track request via the LINZ website has been removed due to the automation added to the process.

Unit appellation unique parcel identifier format updated

The Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 will allow for unique parcel identifiers for units to be a letter followed by a number. The current rules only allow for a number or a number followed by a letter. This provides greater flexibility and allows appellations to align with addressing requirements. 

To allow surveyors to start using the new format immediately the Surveyor-General has issued a general dispensation pursuant to s47(5) Cadastral Survey Act 2002. 

The latest Landonline release provides for the new unique identifiers to be captured using the “general” appellation format. 

For further information see unit appellations in our KnowledgeBase.

Withholding Information in the Register Guideline 2020

The Registrar-General of Land has published a new version of the Withholding Information in the Register Guideline 2020 – LINZ OP G 01252.

The guideline explains how a person who is concerned about their safety can apply to withhold information included, or about to be included, in the register.

To help the application process, the Registrar has updated the existing application forms, and published supplementary statutory declaration and consent forms.

The changes to the guideline include:

  • structural and stylistic edits
  • replacing references to the Domestic Violence Act 1995 and Domestic Violence (Public Registers) Regulations 1998 with references to the Family Violence Act 2018 and Family Violence Regulations 2019
  • changes to terms and definitions
  • updated forms and example statutory declarations to support applications.

The guideline took effect on 4 December 2020.  The guideline and associated forms are available from the Withholding Information in the Register Guideline 2020 page.

Further guidance and answers to frequently asked questions on the Withholding landownership information page.

End of year/new year hours

Landonline will close from 10pm on 24 December 2020 and reopen at 6am on 5 January 2021.

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