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LINZ maintains a register of land that is publicly searchable. Anyone who is concerned that the register contains information that may disclose their whereabouts and put their safety or that of their family at risk, may apply to the Registrar-General of Land to have that information withheld.

Information may be withheld under the Land Transfer Act 2017, or the Family Violence Act 2018 (formerly the Domestic Violence Act 1995).

This guideline is to assist any person who wants to withhold information included, or about to be included, in the register, and explains the application processes under the Land Transfer Act 2017 and Family Violence Act 2018 regimes.   Recommended application forms and supplementary statutory declaration and consent forms can be found below.

The Domestic Violence Act 1995 and Domestic Violence (Public Registers) Regulations 1998 were repealed and replaced by the Family Violence Act 2018 and Family Violence Regulations 2019 on 1 July 2019.  Orders or directions under the Domestic Violence Act 1995 are now subject to the Family Violence Act 2018.