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New Landonline – Survey: sign up now for our free webinar

Our new Landonline – Survey capture application will be available to all survey users from April 2023, following an 18-month pilot as part of our Modernising Landonline programme.

The new application has a modern look and feel and is more intuitive. Importantly, the way you enter information is similar, but the process is easier and more efficient.

Legacy Landonline will continue to be used for search, requests, plan generation and submit and sign.

You may already be using the new application within your firm, and we encourage more of your colleagues to start using the new application.

Our focus this year is to bring users onto the new application and to have you use the new Landonline functionality as it’s available. Our aim is to complete migration of all customers to new Landonline (for capture) in July 2023.

Completing the migration will enable us to focus on enhancements in the new application.

Sign up for our free webinar

Thursday 23 March 2023 at 12 noon

Join us for a free 60-minute webinar hosted by Senior Consultant Surveyor Nick Stillwell and Survey Product Manager Lyndon Telfer.

You’ll find out how:

  • to access the new application
  • the new application works 
  • to access self-service support (help) and provide feedback from within the new application
  • to work between new Landonline and Legacy on the same survey.

Please register via Eventbrite

Start using the new app

If you’d like to start using the new application before April, please email our team at

Tips for using new Landonline – Dealings functionality

Since November 2022, property lawyers and conveyancing professionals have been able to process most simple dealings containing Discharge of Mortgage, Transfer and/or Mortgage instruments end to end using the new Landonline – Dealings application. 

In addition, it is possible to complete many of your certify & sign, release and submit tasks for almost any dealing.

Lots of positive customer feedback has been received, along with some ideas for improvements. We’ve listened and responded by enhancing the landing page, making it easier for you to locate, view and open a dealing.

We’ve also increased the certify & sign functionality to allow for signing where there are multiple representatives for a role.


A 2-year Digital Certificate is needed to certify & sign in the new application. All new and renewed certificates are now 2-year. Our Customer Support team can help you to renew early at no extra cost. 

Try these time saving enhancements

Customise the order and size of columns on your ‘My Dealings’ and ‘Firm Dealings’ pages (your browser will remember your changes).

View full Dealings Details summary on your ‘My Dealings’ or ‘Firm Dealings’ pages by clicking anywhere along the dealing row, except the dealing number hyperlink itself.

Check the status of your Notice of Change (NoC) by clicking into the ‘Notice of Change’ page (from the left-hand Dealing navigation bar or from within the instrument’s 'Prepare’ page).

Populate PC and CP details faster by typing any part of a Primary Contact (PC) or Conveyancing Professional’s (CP’s) name when linking them to an instrument.

Select the user as soon as you see them in the result options.  To use your default PC and CP, click the people icon at the end of the row in the ‘Roles’ section.

Quickly populate affected titles by clicking the icon with 3 horizontal lines and a plus sign (by the ‘Add titles’ field) to copy across any affected titles you’ve already added to your dealing.

Use in-app navigation to release dealing locks by using the stylised blue back arrow (next to the dealing number near the top right) to exit a dealing. Please don’t use the browser ‘back arrow’. 

Closing your browser window currently results in your Dealing being locked for 20 minutes. We’re looking into how to mitigate this.

If you see a pencil icon next to a dealing in your ‘My Dealings’ or ‘Firm Dealings’ tabs on your landing page, you have it in edit mode. Release by opening the dealing and using the blue back arrow.

More information

Check out how to get the most from the new functionality in the Guidance section on our website

If you’d like to contact us, please email

New Landonline – upgrade to authorisation process at login

Some of our new Landonline applications (Search and Survey) have upgraded to our new authorisation service (this happens behind the scenes at login – you won’t notice any change).

Please note: the new Dealings application is yet to migrate to the new authorisation service. This means if you use both our Search and new Dealings applications, you’ll need to log in separately to each application when switching between them.

Notice to Mortgagee service: ANZ now live

We’re pleased to announce the ANZ Bank has joined the 14 other financial institutions – including BNZ, TSB, Westpac and Rabobank – using our Notice to Mortgagee service.

Find out more on our website: Notice to Mortgagee

Reminder: Landonline now has extended availability

Landonline hours of availability on weekends has been extended to include public holidays (excluding Christmas and New Year).

Landonline hours are now:

Monday to Friday: 6am – 10pm
Saturday: 6am – 7pm
Sunday: 6am – 7pm

On Sundays, the full Landonline capability is available – Legacy and New Landonline, Web Search and Land Record Search.

Hours for lodgement of title dealings remain as Monday to Friday: 7am – 7pm.

Reminder: Landonline not available to customers using unsupported Windows versions from 27 March 2023

Operating systems that are no longer under Microsoft’s extended support (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and older operating systems) will not be able to connect to Landonline from 27 March 2023. 

If you’re using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or an older operating system, you’ll need to upgrade your system by 27 March 2023 to continue accessing Landonline.

Find out more about Landonline software requirements on our website: Landonline software requirements

Find out which Windows Operation System version you have: Which version of Windows operating system am I running? - Microsoft Support.

If you need assistance to transfer your Digital Certificate from one device to another, please email

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