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Consultation is open on fees and charges for survey and property title services

Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand opened consultation on 29 April on proposals to increase fees charged for survey and property title services.

This follows a review of charges in response to rising service delivery costs and lower than anticipated property market activity.

Three fee changes are proposed:

  • The fee for a simple residential title transaction (with a mortgage) would rise from $90 to $117.
  • The fee for checking the compliance of a complex cadastral survey would increase from approximately $850 to $1,130.
  • The fee to search electronically for a title or survey plan would increase from $6 to $9 per search.

A discussion document setting out proposals and options is available on the LINZ website.

Any fee increases would likely take effect from early 2025, pending consultation and Cabinet approval.  

A discussion document setting out proposals and options is available on the Survey and Title Fees Review consultation page on the LINZ website.
Proposals to update fees for LINZ survey and title services

We welcome your feedback. Submissions can be made either by email to or through our online form on the consultation page.

Consultation closes at midnight on 7 June.

Multi-factor authentication being rolled out for New Landonline

After a successful pilot of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for users of New Landonline, we’re planning to apply this to all registered Landonline user profiles over the next few months.  

MFA is a widely accepted industry standard to increase security. It will help limit unauthorised access to our New Landonline services, such as Web Search, Dealings and Survey.

We’ll be rolling this out on a firm-by-firm basis, and will reach out to your firm’s trusted contact with an onboarding date and supporting information as we get closer to applying this to your user profile. 

MFA will be rolled out to all users, including those who currently only use Legacy Landonline. This will ensure that this authentication method is in place for every firm prior to the New Landonline transition in 2025.  

Note that MFA will not be required for Legacy Landonline access, though – digital certificates will continue to be the authentication method for this. 

Landonline Dealings

Consultation is open on Authority and Identity Requirements for E-Dealing Standard and Guideline 

Consultation is open on the proposed new Authority and Identity Requirements for E-Dealing Standard and the Authority and Identity Requirements for E-Dealing Guideline.

The proposed new standard and guideline revise and consolidate the existing guidance and interim guidance published in the Authority and Identity Requirements and Electronic Signing of Documents Interim Guideline 2020.  

To find out more about the proposed new standard and guideline, or to make a submission, visit the consultation page:
Feedback sought on the draft Authority and Identity Requirements for E-Dealing Standard and draft Authority and Identity Requirements for E-Dealing Guideline

Feedback on the draft documents is welcome. Submissions can be made by email to by 5pm, Friday 24 May 2024.  

The standard and guideline are expected to come into effect later this year. An update on timing will be provided after the consultation closes.

New navigation and layout when certifying instruments

We’ve updated the navigation and layout for the certification page in New Landonline’s Dealings application.

These changes have been driven by customer feedback, improving ease of use and aligning the page navigation with other screens in the app.

You’ll notice that by selecting an instrument row, a slide out panel will appear where you can preview the instrument and complete your certifications.

For more information see:
What’s new in Dealings

Web Search

A new way to search and order records

We’re making it easier for registered Landonline customers to search and order land records from any device, anywhere, through Web Search. Web Search is also available if Legacy Landonline is not.  

Web Search as a useful alternative for accessing records such as: 

  • transfer of a property from the current owners to new owners 
  • mortgage – when a bank holds security over a property 
  • easement – such as having a right of way for access 
  • Guaranteed Searches for showing all interests lodged with LINZ. 

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our web-based applications so we think they'll be a useful addition to your work, especially as they continue to be developed and improved.

How we’re doing it

You can use your Landonline credentials to log:
Web Search

From the Web Search landing page, you can search for land records by entering key information such as address, title reference or registered owner.


Web Search has a modern look and design, with an intuitive user interface.

You can:

  • access Web Search from any computer or mobile device – anywhere – with no need for a digital certificate (to authenticate their identity) 
  • take advantage of the visual map view – including aerial imagery – to help find the right information.

You can also choose how you’d like to receive the information, including:

  • PDF via email
  • view on-screen
  • download the records you need. 

More functionality will be added over time.

If you need additional support with Web Search you can call the Contact Centre on 0800 665 463 or visit:
Search using the Search field

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