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Information on the latest updates in New Landonline - Dealings.

Change due to pending dealing

December 2023

You can now also use Change due to pending dealing to edit registered owner details for mortgagors or encumbrancers. 

This adds follows our September release of our first piece of Change due to pending dealing functionality, allowing you to edit interest holder details, (mortgagee or encumbrancee) to pre-empt changes from a dealing still pending registration.

We've also changed the way you re-order and group mortgagors. When Change due to pending dealing is toggled on, you can use the 6-dot grid icon to the left of a mortgagor to drag and drop it into a new order or on top of another mortgagor to create a joint tenancy group.

Pending dealing also allows you to deal with protected (hidden) titles and instruments. However, when dealing with a hidden instrument in Mortgage Instrument mode, use the Manually enter Instrument number checkbox to enter the hidden instrument number and mortgagor name.


Go to Legacy Landonline to use Change due to pending dealing for a transfer instrument.


Screen shows list of Mortgagors and the 6-dot grid icon beside you can use to reorder names

For more information:

Prepare instruments

Transfer in Complex mode

October 2023

You can now prepare a transfer in Complex mode to:

  • select affected shares or interests
  • describe part of the land
  • add text
  • specify third party transfer
  • add preset wording suffix to transferees.

We’ve also added a pie chart to the Summary to visually represent the resulting ownership.

Complex mode combines both Share/Interest and Part of Land/Complex modes from Legacy Landonline.

Please note you’ll need to return to Legacy Landonline to use the following functionality:

  • deal with titles separately
  • change due to pending dealing
  • attach an image.

More information on transfers see Prepare a transfer in Complex mode

Use the Summary, including the a pie chart, review the resulting ownership.

Auto-registered Notice of Registration or Rejection sent in PDFs

November 2023

All auto-registered Notices of Registration or Rejection are now sent in PDF when a dealing has been submitted from new Landonline. 

Create or manage requests

November 2023

In June we added the ability for you to create and manage requests with the Requests application.

You can now create and manage withdraw dealing or withdraw instrument requests from Requests.

More information:

Landonline - requests support

15-minute idle timeout

October 2023

A 15-minute idle timeout now applies to all New Landonline applications – Web Search, Survey, Dealings, Requests and Notices.

You can have multiple browser tabs or windows open with Landonline applications running and as long as you’re working in at least one, you won’t be timed out of any open session.

However, if you leave your session(s) idle for 13 minutes, you’ll receive a two-minute warning to confirm you’re still working.

If you miss the two-minute warning, you’ll be prompted to re-login with your Landonline user ID and password to continue your session.

Screenshot from a New Landonline application showing the two timeout messages 'Are you still there?' and 'Your session timed out'

Note: You won’t lose any unsaved changes, however standard browser behaviour applies (FOR EXAMPLE, refreshing your screen may result in losing unsaved changes). Dealing or Survey locks may also expire, causing your session to become read-only.

Add Alias and Other details for transferees

September 2023

When preparing a Transfer instrument in Simple mode, (previously known as All of Title mode) you can add Alias and other details for a transferee such as add a suffix after their name or identify if the transferee is a minor/under 20 years old.

  • Click the person outline icon to the right of the transferee
  • Add and edit the details
  • When you save, the person-outline icon will change to a blue-filled person icon.

This functionality is not available for corporate entities.

Add alias information if required.

For more information see Prepare transfer in Simple mode.

View full tax statement details when signing

September 2023

Use the View PDF button on the Signing page to review the full tax statement details when completing the Tax information section (when applicable).

Screenshot of view tax details PDF button

For more information see Sign one or more instruments.

Read-only PDF of a Tax Statement

September 2023

We’ve had feedback that some users have noticed data being overridden when saving the Full form tax statement to their client management system.

We’ve introduced a Read-only tax statement option which can be used when saving to your client management system and should not override any existing data.

Screenshot of tax statements read only pdf

Note, the Read-only PDF cannot be edited. To make changes, either do this in Landonline or open the Full Form PDF.

See Save and print a Tax Statement.


September 2023

Search for and view notices sent to you, your firm, or other users in your firm from Toitū Te Whenua through the Notices app, where you can view, download, and print out notices relevant to your account from your browser.

Select the nine-dot grid icon (top-left) and then select Notices. Use the arrow to open the application in a new tab or select anywhere else along the application row to open the application in the current tab.

Screenshot of notices app via the switch apps menu

For more information, check out Notices

Prepare a mortgage in Instrument mode

July 2023

Use Instrument mode to mortgage a mortgage, an encumbrance or other interest (including lease or easement instruments).

Instrument mode is the same as Lease/Mortgage/Other mode in Legacy, but all 3 sub-modes have been combined into one form.

You will need to return to Legacy Landonline to use the following functionality:

  • deal with titles separately
  • attach an image

For more information see Prepare a mortgage in instrument mode.

 Use instrument mode if required. 'Instrument' option highlighted in the 'Morgage of' field

Logging in to the Dealings application

July 2023

The Dealings application has upgraded to our new authentication service.

You shouldn’t notice much difference when logging in, and you’ll no longer need to re-login when switching between Landonline applications, such as Search or Requests.

Changes to the Certify & Sign process

When certifying and signing, you’ll now enter your Landonline passphrase first and then your Landonline password in a separate authentication window.

  • Your Landonline password is used to authenticate you both at login and when you certify and sign. The authentication service is a standalone function which sits outside of the Dealings application. This means there is a separate pop-up window during the signing process to authenticate yourself with your password.
  • Your Landonline passphrase is used to access your digital certificate when signing, which is why it can remain within the signing window.

For more detailed information see Sign one or more instruments.

Screenshot of the Certify and Sign functionality, with the 'Certified passphrase' field marked as #1, and the 'Sign Instruments' button marked as #2
Screenshot of the New Landonline login screen with the 'Landonline passphrase' field marked as #3 and the 'Login' button marked as #4

Post-registration and correction Notices of Change

July 2023

Use the Supplementary Actions tab on your Landing page to:

  • start a Notice of Change (NoC) post-registration (PRNoC), for example for when the NoC wasn’t marked ‘ready to send’ before the dealing was registered, or
  • make a correction to information for a previously submitted NoC (CNoC).

For more information see Notice of Change (NoC).

Screenshot showing the Supplementary Actions tab with the Instruments fields highlighted


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