What's new in Web Search

Information on the latest updates in New Landonline - Web Search.

Export and print fees report

September 2023

After receiving a large number of requests, we have now added the ability to export and print your fees report!

Alongside a refresh to the look and feel of the fees report page, you will be able to:

  • Include items in the report that did not incur a charge
  • View the report on screen (as you can currently)
  • Export to save and/or print the report, with the option to download it as a .PDF or .CSV file.
Export feed report for LINZ Automation

    For more detailed information about the new features and functionality, check out the following resource:

    Create and save lists

    June 2023

    We've upgraded the product list feature – lists are now automatically saved, and you can have multiple lists to streamline future searching.

    Until you save a list of your own, you can use the Notepad. The notepad auto-saves too, and is intended as your day-to-day list. You can also create a saved list from your notepad at any time. (Tip: clear your Notepad regularly.)

    Saved lists can also have a relevant client reference specified. (Note: when you open a saved list, the client reference associated with that list becomes the active client reference for your session.)

    A summary of the new features include:

    • automatic saving of the list across sessions/days and ability to clear your list

    • the Notepad – a place to add items before committing them to a saved list

    • the ability to add/edit/delete multiple lists

    • save as new list – enables you to save the contents of an active list as a new list

    • ability to add/copy contents from one list to another.

    Screenshot of the notepad and saved list feature.

    More detailed information about the new features and functionality:

    Quickly purchase records by email 

    June 2023

    After the release of the product list, we have listened to feedback received and recently added the ability to order a single item by email directly from the summary page. 

    Screenshot of the summary page in New Landonline Web Search showing where you can order an item by email.

    For more detailed information about the new features and functionality, check out the following resource:

    Create and manage requests

    June 2023

    You can view, create and manage your requests through the new Requests application in Web Search.

    Use the nine-dot icon (top left of header) to access the application. You’ll be able to see all your and your firm’s requests in one place, making it easier to track draft, pending and completed requests.

    We’ve also modernised the file types you can attach by allowing PDFs. We have removed the ability to attach TIFF images. Both JPG and JPEG are still accepted.

    For more detailed information about the new features and functionality check out Landonline - Requests support.

    Requests screenshot

    Pre-select order options when adding to product list

    April 2023

    You can now choose to select your order options when adding multiple products to your product list. Your choice will then be pre-selected when you add them to the product list, allowing for quicker ordering of multiple products. Then simply click Order selected in the list to have your products emailed to you.

    Screenshot showing pre-order selection

    For more detailed information about the new features and functionality, check out the following resource:

    Product list

    April 2023

    The product list is only available in Web Search and is not available in mobile view.

    You now have an additional option, which is accessed via the header, to review and order items – the product list.

    You can add multiple items to the product list panel, and then review them and their related information, before adding them to your cart to order.

    Screenshot showing the new product list

    Note: You will no longer be able to have products emailed to you directly from the Summary page. To have any products emailed, you will need to add these to the product list first, select your order option and then click the blue Order selected button. 

    For more detailed information about the new features and functionality, check out the following resource:

    Switching applications

    March 2023

    We have updated the header to allow moving between New Landonline applications a lot easier.

    Select the nine-dot icon on the left-hand side of the header to bring up the options and then select the application you want to switch to.

    Screenshot of switching applications

    Switching applications

    The options you see when you select the Switch apps icon will depend on your profile setting, e.g. if you have access to Survey, you will see Survey in the drop-down menu, if you have access to Dealings, you will see Dealings in the drop-down menu.

    Use the arrow to open the application in a new tab, or select anywhere else along the application row to open it in the current tab.

    For more detailed information about the new features and functionality, check out the following resources

    Floating and pop-out Search results window

    February 2023

    These new features apply to both our Land Record Search and Web Search products.

    You can now move the Search results panel into a floating window, making the map full screen. When the window has been popped out, you will be able to move it:

    • within the current tab, or
    • into a pop out window, allowing you to move it to another tab or screen.
    Screenshot of creating a floating and pop out window

    For more detailed information on the new features and functionality added, check out the following resources:

    New filter option

    February 2023

    You can now search for a Registered owners current and/or historically owned titles. This new feature only applies to searching in Web Search.

    By using the Owner status filter when searching a registered owner, you can filter/view their current or historically owned titles.

    Screenshot of web search owner status filter

    For more detailed information check out the following resource:

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