Create, send and manage specific request to Toitū Te Whenua.

Anyone with a Landonline login can create requests and send them to Toitū Te Whenua for processing.

You might need to submit a request to:

  • submit a Title correction
  • return Survey Dataset
  • correct Survey information. 

The types of requests you can create will depend on whether you are a:

  • Conveyancing user – submitting Titles requests
  • Surveyor user – submitting Survey and Territorial Authority (TA) requests
  • TA user – submitting Survey and TA requests
  • Web Search user – submitting Search requests.

If you are a registered user of more than one application, you’ll see the combined list of requests you can create for both applications.

If you create a request in New Landonline, you will not be able to view that request in Legacy Landonline, however, if you create a request in Legacy Landonline, you will be able to view the request in New Landonline.

The process for creating requests is the same whether you are a registered user for Survey, Dealings or Web Search. However, the types of requests you can create will vary depending on the application you are a registered user for. 

To view request types specific to an application, select one of the links below:

While Toitū Te Whenua corrects errors and inaccuracies caused by staff, it does not correct errors caused by practitioners or errors made within registered instruments.

Further information about this is available at Requests and urgency 

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