BRO Tonganui Limited
Case number(s)
Decision date

Consent granted 
Section 12(1)(a) Overseas Investment Act 2005 

Decision maker Overseas Investment Office
Decision date 16 August 2022
Pathway(s) Residential land development (Non-residential use - One-off purchase)
Investment Acquisition of 10.3680 ha at 1121 Great South Road, Drury, Auckland (the Land)
Asset Value $27,475,200

BRO Tonganui Limited
New Zealand 66.66%
Australia 33.33% 


CD Vernon Trustee Limited as trustee of the CD Vernon Trust
New Zealand 100%


The Applicant is a newly incorporated entity created for the purpose of acquiring the Land and undertaking a commercial and industrial development of the Land. 

The Land is sensitive (residential only) and is held on one property title. It is currently used commercially as it is leased to various industrial tenants. The Applicant has broader plans to develop the Land in accordance with a supplied Masterplan which shows the land subdivided with warehouses and offices to be constructed. The Land will continue to be used for commercial operations. 

The relevant business of the Applicant does not include the use of the Land as residential property. The Land will be fully utilised for non-residential purposes. 

More information

Daniel Williams 
Anderson Lloyd (Auckland)
PO Box 399 
Shortland Street 
Auckland 1140