Find Overseas Investment Office decision summaries for applications that have been granted or declined since 2005.

The Overseas Investment Office releases summaries the month after a decision is made. They are released on the last working day of each month, or the last Thursday of each month if the last working day falls on a Friday, weekend, or non-working day.

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Discretionary exemptions

We also publish a register of exemptions that have been granted when, for example, compliance with the Act would be impractical or unduly costly, or the exemption is minor or technical.

Register of discretionary exemptions

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Decisions in July 2022
Case number Applicant Decision date
202200201 Orange Merger Sub 1 Limited and Orange Merger Sub 2 Limited
202200257 Withheld under s9(2)(b)(ii) of the Official Information Act
202200158 PEP Smart Metering Fund
202200259 Greendom Limited
202200114 Kinetic NZ Holdings Limited
202100774 Agright New Zealand OpCo 3 Limited
202200141 Horizon Flowers NZ Limited
202100550 MacLab (NZ) Limited as trustee of the MacLab (NZ) Unit Trust and Biomex Trustees Limited as trustee of the Biomex Trust
202100626 Metlifecare Limited
202200098 Bupa Retirement Villages Limited
202200113 Fletcher Residential Limited
202200088 Fletcher Residential Limited
202100633 Kempen Capital Management N.V. and Paheko Orchards Limited Partnership
202100387 Fletcher Distribution Limited
202200036 Ingka Investments Forest Assets NZ Limited and Ingka Investments Management NZ Limited
202200170 Thomas Hermann Grothe
202200128 Darley-Graze Holding Limited and FinaNuts Holding Pty Ltd
202200184 Johannes Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg
202200169 Corisol New Zealand Limited
Decisions in June 2022
Case number Applicant Decision date
202200117 GNZ Energy Bidco Limited
202200147 Drylandcarbon One Limited Partnership
202200072 Drylandcarbon One Limited Partnership
202200120 Enterprise Investments WRI Limited
202200146 Drylandcarbon One Limited Partnership
202200144 Drylandcarbon One Limited Partnership
202200110 Totara Forestry Services Limited
202200131 Charter Hall Holdings Pty Limited
Decisions in May 2022
Case number Applicant Decision date
202200044 Aquila Capital Timber Investment Fund S.A. SICAV-SIF
202100803 SunPork Holdings Pty Limited
202100636 Agright New Zealand OpCo 1 Limited
202200087 CEVA Logistics (NZ) Ltd & CEVA Freight (Australia) Pty Ltd
202100782 Cartesian Growth Corporation
202100783 NZ Healthcare Bidco Limited
202200126 Cerberus Vermögensverwaltung GmbH
202200104 CC Helios Trust Pte. Ltd.
202100739 Ingka Investments Forest Assets NZ Limited and Ingka Investments Management NZ Limited
202200082 The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Oceania Limited
202200024 Fletcher Residential Limited
202000765 Seed Force Limited
202200060 GeoPost SA
202100805 McDonald's Restaurants (New Zealand) Limited
202200083 Corisol New Zealand Limited
202100546 BW Digital Pte. Ltd.
202000673 Western Developments Limited Partnership
Decisions in April 2022
Case number Applicant Decision date
202100701 Voyage Digital (NZ) Limited
202100367 Rapturous Harmony Limited
202200032 Forestry Investments Ltd.
202200085 KKR Aubergine Inc
202200038 Ingka Investments Forest Assets NZ Limited and Ingka Investments Management NZ Limited
202200041 IKEA New Zealand Limited
202100729 Foley Wines Limited
202200021 Cerberus Vermogensverwaltung GmbH
202100538 Cloudy Bay Vineyards Limited
202100582 Ampol Limited
202100736 Wellington City Transport Limited
202200042 Totara Forestry Services Limited
202100744 Berry New Zealand Bidco
202100786 Partners Life Limited
202200019 Apex Fund Services NZ Limited
Decisions in March 2022
Case number Applicant Decision date
202200053 Ponga Silva Limited
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