Jarden Seven Limited
Case number(s)
Decision date
DecisionConsent granted
Section 13(1)(a) Overseas Investment Act 2005
Decision makerToitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand
Decision date21 February 2024
Pathway(s)Significant business assets only

100% of the shares in each of:

  • BNZ Investment Services Limited (NZCN 2178923)
  • Jarden Wealth and Asset Management Limited (NZCN 8804969)
  • Harbour Asset Management Limited (NZCN 1791730)
  • Jarden Wealth Limited (previously Jarden Three Limited) (NZCN 8985669)
  • Jarden Structured Investment Limited (NZCN 6794868)
  • JBWere (NZ) Pty Ltd (NZCN 2351088)
  • JBWere (NZ) Nominees Limited (NZCN 2338621)
  • Margin Lending (NZ) Limited (NZCN 2468450) and 
  • JBWere NewCo (to be incorporated).
ApplicantJarden Seven Limited
Australia 39%
New Zealand 19%
United States of America 15%
Various 27%

National Australia Group (NZ) Limited 
Australia 95%
United Kingdom 2%
New Zealand 2%
Various 1%

Bank of New Zealand
Australia 74%
United States of America 13%
United Kingdom 2%
Various 11%

Jarden Wealth and Asset Management Holdings Limited 
New Zealand 90%
Australia 10%


The Applicant sought consent to acquire shares in various target entities as part of a consolidation of separate, preexisting asset management funds. After consolidation, FirstCape will have approximately $44 billion under management and administration.

Funds operated by FirstCape will be focused on wealth advice and asset management businesses for clients in New Zealand.

Consent was granted as the Applicant met the investor test criterion. 

More informationLance Jones
Russell McVeagh
PO Box 8
Auckland 1140