Fletcher Residential Limited
Case number(s)
Decision date
Parent Decision
OI Case number
NotificationNotification of a transaction under a Standing Consent
Section 23A Overseas Investment Act 2005
Notification number11 (of 12)
Date28 February 2024
Pathway(s)Sensitive land – Residential land development (standing consent)
InvestmentAcquisition of a freehold interest in 0.8579 hectares at 32, 34 and 38 Swanson Road and 4, 6 and 8 Sturges Road, Henderson, Auckland.
Asset value$16,350,000
ApplicantFletcher Residential Limited 
New Zealand 22%
Australia 54%
Various 24%
VendorsJohn Boers and Rosemary Wallbutton (as Attorney for Valerie Boers)
Xiuhe Tian
Anish Jose and Resmi Mariyam Mathai
Aaron Paul Jenkinson and Public Trust
Hsiu-Chiang Cheng and Ling Ying Zhang

The Consent Holder holds a Standing Consent under the increased housing and non-residential use pathways.

The Standing Consent permits the Consent Holder to acquire up to 200 hectares of residential (but not otherwise sensitive) land in transactions connected with up to 12 developments with a maximum of 40 hectares per development. The transactions may not be entered into after 1st of May 2022 or, for land in the same development only, 12 months after the date on which the first transaction was entered into in respect of that development.

This is the 11th notification under this consent with approximately 0.8579 hectares of land being acquired at Corner of Swanson and Sturges Roads, Henderson, Auckland.

The Consent Holder has, or will, subdivide and develop the Land into a new housing development comprising of 55 residential dwellings. The Consent Holder will sell all 55 dwellings to third party purchasers. 

More informationGregory Allen 
88 Shortland Street, 
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