Use these interactive dashboards to access overseas investment information – filtering data on such things as land area, dollar investment and the nature of consent applications.

Each of the four pages feature interactive graphs and maps, presenting data since the start of 2022 about overseas investment pathways, and foreign investments by region, industry and country. Ultimately, we hope this makes it easier for you to access and understand the data we hold. The data cannot be exported.

Our dashboards

Overseas investment pathways data

Overseas investment information by region

Overseas investment information by industry

A worldwide view of overseas investment

Some quick tips

  • View multiple criteria by selecting your first option, then selecting other checkboxes for more criteria.
  • Click on ‘plus signs’ to expand criteria and drill into more detail.
  • Drill up and down through the levels of information by hovering over the header of the visual and clicking the up and down arrows.
  • Clear your selection by clicking back or refreshing the page.

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This information is updated approximately each quarter when more data is added.

While we have made best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of this information, it should be treated as an indicative estimate because it is aggregated and based on information provided by third-party applicants. It does not include data withheld under the Official Information Act.

For more accurate information refer to our decision summaries