Germinal Holdings New Zealand Limited
Case number(s)
Decision date

Consent granted 
Section 12(a) Overseas Investment Act 2005 

Decision maker Overseas Investment Office
Decision date 10 August 2022
Pathway(s) Residential land development (Non-residential use - One-off purchase)
Investment An overseas investment in residential (but not otherwise sensitive) land, being the Applicant's acquisition of approximately 4.2032 hectares of freehold land located at the corner of Shands Road and Tancreds Road, Lincoln, Canterbury (Retrospective Application).
Consideration $520,000 

Germinal Holdings New Zealand Limited 
United Kingdom 100%

Vendor Broadfield Farm Limited 

The Applicant is a plant breeding, seed production, marketing and distribution company, which develops products for the livestock industry. 

The Applicant intends to use the Land to provide part of its site for its plant breeding and seed production business. 

The Applicant will not use, or hold, the Land for any residential purposes.

More information

Glenn Shewan  
Bell Gully (Auckland) 
PO Box 4199 
Auckland 1140 

Retrospective penalty