IPP (NZ) Limited
Case number(s)
Decision date
DecisionConsent granted 
Decision makerToitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand
Decision date27 April 2023
Pathway(s)Significant Business Assets and Benefit to New Zealand

Acquisition of securities in:

  • Learning Infrastructure Partners 1 LP
  • Future Schools Partners 1 LP
  • ShapEd NZ Hold LP
  • Next Step Partners 1 LP
  • ASV Hold LP
  • Learning Infrastructure Partners GP 1 Limited 
  • Future Schools Partners GP 1 Limited 
  • ShapEd NZ Hold GP Limited
  • Next Step Partners GP 1 Limited
  • ASV Hold GP Limited

Acquisition of leasehold interest in approximately: 

  • 11.3353 hectares of land located at 209 Travis Road, New Brighton, Christchurch
  • 54.6535 hectares of land located at 530 Paremoremo Road, Paremoremo
Asset value$203,000,000
ApplicantIPP (NZ) Limited 
United Kingdom (93.3%)
Various regions (6.7%)
  • Public Infrastructure Partners LP 
  • PIP II Pooling LP 
  • Public Infrastructure Partners III LP 
  • Public Infrastructure Partners SE LP 
  • Public Infrastructure Partners II LP 

New Zealand (100%)


The Applicant will acquire interests in the following New Zealand operational infrastructure projects: 
(a) three public private partnership (PPP) projects with the Crown, through the Ministry of Education, for the financing, design, construction and maintenance of, and provision of operational services in 11 schools; 
(b) a PPP project with the Crown, through the Department of Corrections, for the provision of the services in relation to Auckland Prison (also known as Paremoremo Prison) facilities; and 
(c) lease of Akoranga Student Village to Auckland University of Technology for purposes of student accommodation. 

Consent was granted to this investment as the Applicant met the investor test criterion and the investment is likely to result in benefit to New Zealand.

The main benefits to New Zealand are economic benefits as the investment is likely to result in enabling the PPP market to operate preventing stranded assets, developing the Rolleston College, and having fund for future school expansion projects and possibly other PPP projects. It is also likely to result in the promotion of government policy to address infrastructure deficit and of government's PPP strategy.  

More informationLance Jones
Russell McVeagh
PO Box 8
Auckland 1140