Fletcher Residential Limited
Case number(s)
Decision date
Parent Decision
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Notification of a transaction under a Standing Consent
Section 12(1)(a) and Section 13(1)(c) Overseas Investment Act 2005

Notification number 12 (of 12)
Decision date 15 September 2023
Pathway(s) Residential Land Development- Increased housing (Standing consent)
Investment An overseas investment in sensitive land, being the Consent Holder’s acquisition of a freehold interest in approximately 0.8262 hectares of land at Barrel Crescent and William Calvert Drive, Swanson, Auckland.
Asset value $8,200,000

Fletcher Residential Limited
New Zealand Public (21.8%)
Australian Public (54.4%)
Various overseas persons (23.8%)

Vendor Neil Construction Limited

The Applicant was granted a residential standing consent under the Increased Housing and Non-residential use pathway on 18 April 2019. This permits the Applicant to acquire up to 200 hectares of residential (but not otherwise sensitive) land in up to 12 transactions by 1 May 2022.

This is the twelfth acquisition of land under the standing consent.

The Applicant intends to develop the land for the purpose of constructing 34 dwellings. Construction is expected to be complete by February 2024.

Under the standing consent the Applicant must increase the number of dwellings on the land, or undertake development works to support, and must divest all interests in the sensitive land within 10 years.

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