Information for paper chart retailers

Information for people wanting to sell LINZ paper charts.

Want to sell LINZ paper charts?

If you would like to sell LINZ paper chart products, please email Blue Star (our supply chain partner) or call them on 0800 504 704..

Rules for the sale of charts

We supply charts through our wholesale distributor, Blue Star. The charts are correct at the time they are supplied and meet the requirements of Maritime Rules Part 25.

The Notices to Mariners include announcements of New Editions or New Charts. They also include notification of any charts that have been withdrawn of cancelled.

Retailers must not sell any chart which has been withdrawn or cancelled without telling the purchaser that it has been withdrawn or cancelled.

Retailers must not sell any cancelled chart more than two months after it is either cancelled or withdrawn.

Find existing chart retailers (including overseas retailers of New Zealand charts)