How to get and use our charts, including electronic navigational charts (ENCs), paper charts, chart images and chart retailers.

Electronic navigational charts (ENCs)

The NZ ENC Service is subscription based, providing mariners with access to free and regularly updated electronic navigational charts.

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ENCs for New Zealand are in the NZ Chart Catalogue (spatial view and list view).

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You can buy ENCs from chart retailers.

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The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) provides a catalogue for worldwide official ENCs

IHO ENC Coverage Catalogue


Our ENCs are in an electronic format which can be used in electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) and in electronic chart systems (ECS). They also work in some navigational systems which let you digitally layer charting information with other navigation information, such as GPS, radar, depth sounder, automatic identification systems (AIS) or sailing directions.

There are legal requirements on the use of nautical charts. You can find these on the Maritime New Zealand website.

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Paper charts


Paper charts available for New Zealand are included in the NZ Chart Catalogue (spatial view and list view). 

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The catalogue lets you search by region or chart number to identify which charts you need. It lists the most recently updated version of each chart.

Paper charts can be purchased from chart retailers.

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Downloadable chart images

TIFF images of paper charts are available on for individual download by navigating to the chart details pages through the NZ Chart Catalogue Spatial viewer or Paper charts list view. You can also find georeferenced chart images (GeoTIFFs) on LINZ Data Service.

These TIFF images do not replace the New Zealand official nautical charts corrected for Notices to Mariners, and are not designed to meet the requirements of marine navigation. In the interests of good seamanship and safety of navigation, all craft navigating in New Zealand waters should purchase official New Zealand nautical charts for their intended voyage from a chart retailer.

Updates and corrections to charts

The release of new Toitū Te Whenua ENCs is notified through our fortnightly Notices to Mariners (NtMs). ENC updates are issued for all Notices to Mariners where appropriate.

Corrections to our charts are also included. These show details such as lights that have been extinguished, new sandbanks that may have emerged, or buoys that have been moved.

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Current and previous editions of Notices to Mariners

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Commercial and foreign vessels must update their nautical publications, including charts, with the corrections published in the NtM. 


Guidance on how to apply NtM corrections to nautical charts can be found in the British Admiralty publication How to Keep Your Admiralty Charts Up To Date (NP294), which is sold in New Zealand by the Admiralty Chart Agent Trans Pacific Marine Ltd.

Symbols, terms and abbreviations

These publications explain all the symbols, terms and abbreviations used in New Zealand charts:

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Access to chart data

Data available through the LINZ Data Service

You download hydrographic data incorporated into our charting products from the LINZ Data Service (LDS). This includes chart vector data, chart GeoTIFFs and bathymetric data indexes.

LINZ Data Service (LDS)

More information on the hydrographic data available on LDS

Availability of S-57 Data

Electronic chart data has re-use value in derived products. We have made unencrypted S-57 format data available under a licence agreement.

S-57 data is freely available under 2 license options:

  1. Full license – for derived products requiring data maintenance and updates
  2. Simple license – one off use, not for navigation.

The license agreement is to ensure:

  • NZ S-57 data is not misused
  • derived products are maintained for safety updates
  • users of products derived from NZ S-57 are aware these do not replace official navigation products and are not endorsed or guaranteed by Toitū Te Whenua.

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