Before you apply, check if the land and/or property you’re interested in is managed by us.

Central Record of State Land

The Central Record of State Land (CRoSL) is a ArcGIS tool that enables you to check if the land you’d like to access and/or use is:

  1. owned by the Crown 
  2. managed by Toitū Te Whenua.

More information and links to the Central Record of State Land.

This information is a guide only as we do not have a complete record of Crown-owned land.  

Crown pastoral land

Toitū Te Whenua manages around 1.2 million hectares of Crown pastoral land in the South Island high country, stretching from Marlborough to Southland.

View a map showing the locations of the pastoral land we manage.

Status and location of Crown pastoral land.

Reserves or other conservation land

Contact the Department of Conservation if you’re interested in using reserves or other conservation land.

Other types of Crown property

It can be a complex process to establish which government agency is responsible for Crown lands and properties, as many of them do not have a Record of title.

Gather as much information as possible to help us pinpoint the property you are interested in.

Examples include:

  • plans or pictures of the property for example, information from the local council, photos or screenshots from the LINZ Data Service or Google Earth.
  • details of properties close to the one you want to use, such as legal descriptions or street addresses
  • any other information that suggests we are responsible for the property. 

Once you’re gathered your information you can send it to us in an email and we can do an assessment –

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