Central Record of State Land

The Central Record of State Land (CRoSL) is an innovative tool that supports government agencies, local agencies, councils, and the public to better understand who owns Crown Estate and State Land, who to contact for enquires and how it is being used.

Having this information in a central place improves the efficiency of land transactions and significantly reduce the amount of time and money spent on researching land ownership.

Central Record of State Land

Members of our Crown Property team have worked with other agencies to design and implement CRoSL. This comprehensive dataset and viewer have been developed since 2019 and continues to be iterated on as further information becomes available and as feedback is received. The full tool was released in late 2020. The CRoSL data is updated weekly and can be accessed through a handy web-viewer, or the data can be downloaded or linked through the REST API. LINZ is exploring additional access options for the data and it may be added as a LINZ Data Service dataset in the future.

View the CRoSL:

CRoSL web-viewer

Access the CRoSL data download and REST API:

CRoSL Layer

For more information or to provide feedback please contact the team via CROSL@linz.govt.nz

Background to the project

A central record of state land has been discussed before by LINZ. Gathering the data from multiple Government agencies was more challenging than expected so the project was put on hold. Following changes to Crown Property within LINZ, and the increasing need for a central record of state land LINZ committed the time and resources to develop this project in 2019 and maintain it into the future.

Making information available, and working across agencies

CRoSL uses information that is held by all agencies and is also available via an official information act request. While some parts of the record may be sensitive and will not be made available, the intention is to make as much as possible available to the public.

When it comes to creating once source of information, there are various ways to link data across datasets. The exact approach that we will use will be based on what we learn from agencies as part of the stakeholder engagement and requirements gathering.

Agencies have been involved in the co-design of the central record, in conjunction with LINZ.

Future integration with Landonline

Rebuilding Landonline is a five-year programme of work, and a central record is not included in Tranche 1 or 2. Landonline is a national record of title for land in New Zealand. We have designed the full CRoSL solution to align with the data model so it can be incorporated at a later date.