Elevation data

Access nationally consistent, high accuracy, LiDAR-based elevation data through the LINZ Data Service.

High accuracy elevation data

The LINZ National Elevation Programme provides LiDAR-based elevation open data for much of New Zealand. This data is valuable in the public and private sectors for work including:

  • land management
  • natural hazards
  • climate change
  • 3D visualisation
  • surveying
  • engineering
  • construction
  • communications
  • archaeology.

Digital elevation models and point clouds are available in a nationally consistent format for part of New Zealand.

  • Data is available now for the green areas in the image below.
  • The cross hatched areas are planned or currently being surveyed. 
  • There is no National Elevation Programme LiDAR data available or planned for the white areas.
Map of New Zealand showing areas where LiDAR data is available (in green) or planned (in crosshatched yellow)

Better detail of the areas covered, and estimated availability dates for the work in progress, are available from the Elevation Aotearoa site. This includes an interactive map, use case examples, and other information on using LiDAR data.

Elevation Aotearoa

Access digital elevation models: LINZ Data Service

Access point clouds: OpenTopography

Seeking new data partnerships

If you hold data that could be included to improve the national dataset or are planning new LiDAR data collection projects, contact us to discuss partnership opportunities to grow and refresh this national resource.

For additional information email imagery@linz.govt.nz

LiDAR base specification

This specification provides a foundation for New Zealand public sector LiDAR procurements. It sets minimum standards to ensure LiDAR point cloud data and digital elevation models are suitable for inclusion in the National Elevation Programme. This will facilitate easier discovery and access through central data management.

Data captured under this specification will contribute to the National Elevation Model consisting of:

  • a bare earth digital elevation model (DEM)
  • a digital surface model (DSM)
  • the corresponding classified point cloud.

LiDAR resources

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