If you are concerned with the decision that's been made in relation to your application, you may be able to apply for a rehearing and/or can make a complaint.


Where the decision relates to Crown land held under the Land Act 1948, including Crown pastoral land, you may be able to apply for a rehearing of the decision.

You will be advised of this as part of the notification of the decision.


If you want to apply for a rehearing, you need to submit the grounds for review in writing to the Commissioner of Crown Lands within 21 days of being notified of the decision. 

The Commissioner of Crown Lands will then contact you, and if a rehearing is granted will advise the process, including who will be involved and the timeframes.

Rehearings will be undertaken by a different person to the original decision-maker.


If you have a concern or complaint, you can email or write to us with the details, speak with your point of contact, or contact our customer service team to discuss - How to make a complaint.

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