SNAP & CONCORD Downloads

How to download and install the SNAP and CONCORD programs.


SNAP (Survey Network Adjustment Package) is a suite of programs for adjusting the coordinates of stations in a survey network to best fit the observed data. It can use GPS data (baselines or multistation vector and point data), horizontal angles, zenith distances, slope and horizontal distances, azimuths, projection bearings, levelled height differences, latitude, longitude, and height observations.

SNAP runs on most recent versions of Microsoft Windows and is supplied as 32 and 64 bit versions (note that SNAP binary files are not compatible between 32 and 64 bit versions).

From here you can download the SNAP installation file snap_install.msi in a zip file. To install SNAP extract and run the installation file.

Some of the utility programs supplied with SNAP require the perl interpreter to be installed on the computer. You can get a version of perl for Microsoft Windows from the Strawberry perl website. 

Strawberry perl

A guideline for surveyors using SNAP for Order 5 control Surveys can be found on the geodetic specification page.

The source code for SNAP

Download a tutorial featuring practical examples using SNAP (ZIP 678KB)


CONCORD is a component of SNAP that converts coordinates between various coordinates systems such as New Zealand Map Grid coordinates, Meridional Circuit Coordinates and NZGD49 or NZGD2000 latitude and longitude coordinates. CONCORD is a DOS command line program (run from a windows DOS box).

CONCORD can be downloaded separately from the SNAP suite. To install it extract the contents of the downloaded zip file into a folder, and set the PATH environment variable to include that folder.

Source code for concord with build instructions for a linux environment 


SNAP suite

64 bit version of SNAP (ZIP 27.7MB)
Last updated October 2022

CONCORD component

The CONCORD component of SNAP (ZIP 13.6MB)
Last updated October 2022

Download and use of these software applications means you accept following conditions:

  1. LINZ does not offer any support for this software.
  2. The software is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind. In no event shall LINZ be liable for loss of any kind whatsoever with respect to the download, installation and use of the software.
  3. The software is designed to work with MS Windows. However, LINZ makes no warranty regarding the performance or non-performance of the software on any particular system or system configuration.

Download other geodetic software or check LINZ datasets, downloads and software.

SNAP add on packages

The following add-on packages are available for SNAP. To use a package download and save the ZIP file, then use the snap_manager install function (in the Tools menu) to add them to SNAP.

LINZ geodetic contractor tools

LINZ geodetic contractor package (ZIP 4KB)
Adds support for managing test adjustments required for LINZ geodetic control contracts

Dynanet import package

Dynanet import package (ZIP 8KB)
Adds a function to import Dynanet XML files into SNAP.
Last updated 4 October 2019.

SINEX import package

SINEX import package (ZIP 13KB)
Adds a function to convert coordinate/covariance information from SINEX files to SNAP data files.
Last updated 4 October 2019.
Note that SNAP can now read SINEX files directly so that this package is redundant.

AUSGeoid09 package

AUSGeoid09 package (ZIP 3.5MB)
Installs AUSGeoid09 V1.01 into SNAP for calculating geoid heights in Australia.
Last updated 4 October 2019.

NewGan import package

NewGan import package (ZIP 19KB)
Adds a function to import NewGan input files into SNAP. (Note: this is "beta" software - it has only received limited testing).
Last updated 4 October 2019.

Update history

4 October 2019

Version 2.7.24 updates the function for retrieving coordinates from the LINZ geodetic database for the change to the database URL. Adds a feature for more sophisticated use of covariane data in GNSS correlated coordinates data sets (eg SINEX files). Adds more avanced usage of observation classifications when loading observations.

19 December 2018

Version 2.7.21 fixes two small bugs in snapplot.