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Find issues common across all releases, plus current issues for dealings and survey lodgement.

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System issues and urgent messages

Dealing or Plan Submission - Signing Passphrase spinning blue circle 

Signing customers in Landonline are seeing the “spinning blue circle” icon and the prompt screen to enter their Passphrase.  But some customers are waiting for the spinning icon to stop before proceeding with entering their passphrase.


Customers can enter their passphrase even though the spinning circle / icon is present. Their dealing / plan will still be submitted successfully.

Signing Error Message 30520

“Message: 30520

The following error occurred while attempting to verify the signed document: Trying to verify before logged on to toolkit.

Message Arguments:

  1. An unidentified error has occurred in signing”

This error message occurs with a small number of customers who sign with previous versions of Digisign 3.1


Uninstall your current version of Digisign and then download and install the latest version of Digisign 3.1:
See Software downloads, Step 4) Digisign

An unidentified error has occurred

Signing customers in Landonline you may get error "Predefined message, an unidentified error has occurred".


If using Digisign2, install the latest version of Digisign3.1 from:
Software downloads, Step 4) Digisign

If already using the latest version of Digisign3.1, these instructions will resolve the error:

A & I form printing unintelligible text

Some customers experience problems printing with the A & I form when their printed hardcopy has been produced with text in an unintelligible format.


Select the "Next" button on the CPP_S02 - Authority and Instruction Form to display a preview of the A&I form. 

Choose "Select All" from the edit menu, or press Ctrl + A on the keyboard.

Then, change the font drop down menu from the default Arial font to any other font.

UniPrint Client does not open

When the local UniPrint window/s do not open EG printing A& I forms.


Use option to “Save as” to a local drive then print that locally saved file. Note: you will need to select a suitable local-PC folder – if you try to save to a folder on the Landonline Citrix server an error occurs advising that location is blocked.

Blank forms are available if you require them: Blank A&I forms

Where the problem relates to the corporate version of Windows that you are using, the only workaround is to save and print locally. We are currently working on an upgrade to our UniPrint server and we expect that this will either resolve the issue or provide us with a better indication of the cause so that we can resolve it.

Saving a Fast Track Request

When a user creates a Fast Track request and the Survey Plan and Dealing do not have a status of Submitted or Lodged respectively the request cannot be saved. The request will need to be recreated and sent when the Survey Plan and Dealing have statuses updated to Submitted and Lodged respectively.

Known application issues

LINZ continuously maintains Landonline to keep it current, with most updates being implemented via an application release. The latest application releases, and known issues from all releases, are listed below.

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