Antarctic region maps

Download free images of maps of the Antarctic’s Ross Sea region and the Darwin / Hatherton glacier region.

Map image Ross Sea 1:3 Million

These maps are not available in paper format.

Map of Antarctic coastline showing the Ross Sea Regions

Ross Sea, 1:3 Million

Image of an index

Map images of the Antarctic Topo50 Map series at 1:50,000 scale

You can download these images free as TIFF files. If you want georeferenced image files and vector data you can access these from the LINZ Data Service.

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We produce these maps using: 

  • the Ross Sea Region Geodetic Datum 2000 (RSRGD2000) 
  • the McMurdo Sound Lambert Conformal 2000 (MSLC2000) projection.

Paper maps

You can order paper versions of ANTopo50 ME13, ME14, MF13 and MF14 through major map and online map retailers.

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