New Zealand offshore islands maps

Download free maps as image files (TIFF and GeoTIFF formats) for New Zealand's offshore islands including the Kermadec and Auckland islands.

These maps can be copied, distributed and adapted under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. For official LINZ topographic maps please contact an authorised paper map retailer.

These maps use the New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000 (NZGD2000). Each island group has its own specific Transverse Mercator projections.
View the New Zealand geodectic Datum 2000 (NZGD2000)
View the Transverse Mercator projections


It is recommended that data files are used in conjunction with the New Zealand Topographic Data Dictionary. Also, read the accuracy statement before using data files.
New Zealand Topographic Data Dictionary  
LINZ Technical Information (accuracy) statement

 Kermadec Islands

Thumbnail Map name Map number Scale Download links
Raoul Island image
Raoul Island KI01 1:25,000 TIFF (11.7MB)
GeoTIFF (137MB)
Meyer Islands image
Meyer Islands KI02 ptKI01 1:25,000 TIFF (5.08MB)
GeoTIFF (137MB)
Macauley Island image
Macauley Island KI03 1:25,000 TIFF (3.91MB)
GeoTIFF (137MB)
Curtis Island image
Curtis Island KI04 1:25,000 TIFF (3.41 MB)
GeoTIFF (137MB)
L`Esperance Rock image
L`Esperance Rock KI05 1:25,000 TIFF (3.39 MB)
GeoTIFF (137MB)

Subantarctic islands

Thumbnail Map name Map number Scale Download links
Antipodes Island  Group image

Antipodes Island Group

AI01 1:25,000 TIFF (7.59 MB)
GeoTIFF (137MB)
Bounty Islands image
Bounty Islands BI01 1:25,000 TIFF (3.65 MB)
GeoTIFF (137MB)
Snares Islands /Tini Heke image

Snares Islands / Tini Heke

SI01 1:25,000 TIFF (4.3 MB)
GeoTIFF (138MB)
Campbell Island /Motu Ihupuku image

Campbell Island / Motu Ihupuku

CM01 1:50,000 TIFF (10.8 MB)
GeoTIFF (138MB)

Auckland Islands

Thumbnail Map name Map number Scale Download links
Disappointment Island image

Disappointment Island

AK01 1:50,000 TIFF (8.86 MB)
GeoTIFF (137 MB)
Port Ross image
Port Ross AK02 1:50,000 TIFF (12.0 MB)
GeoTIFF (138 MB)
Carnley Harbour image
Carnley Harbour AK03 1:50,000 TIFF (23.8 MB)
GeoTIFF (137 MB)
Cape Bennett image
Cape Bennett AK04 1:50,000 TIFF (11.4 MB)
GeoTIFF (137 MB)