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Application for consent to construct water storage infrastructure.

You need written consent to construct water storage infrastructure on a Crown pastoral lease.

Water storage infrastructure usually includes:

  • all constructed water systems within a watercourse upstream of and where a dam structure is to be located, and includes dams, weirs, reservoirs, and impoundments,
  • all constructed water systems outside a water course where natural runoff will be captured, including dams, dykes, reservoirs, impoundments, and associated soil disturbance, and ponds that store rainwater for farming,
  • water storage tanks outside the existing curtilage of dwellings,
  • an artificial watercourse for water storage, including a headrace canal (a headrace canal is classified as a dam under the Building Act 2004 because of the volume of water it retains and its depth),
  • a groundwater replenishment scheme, including injection systems.

Water storage infrastructure excludes:

  • water supply systems such as pipeline constructions, conveyancing systems, and water treatment plants, ‘downstream’ from the main source of supply (water storage),
  • systems that may pump and convey water from another catchment.

If you want to undertake any other activity affecting or disturbing soil you will need to complete the discretionary pastoral activity application form for disturbing soil.

To apply for consent to construct water storage infrastructure, complete this form.

You must provide enough information to allow the Commissioner of Crown Lands (the Commissioner) to decide on your application. To avoid delays, we recommend providing as much information as possible. We will contact you if more information is required, or if we need to seek information from other sources. If we cannot get sufficient information, your application may be declined.

At a minimum, please check you have provided:

  •   your details
  •   details about the property
  •   details about your proposed activity
  •   details about your proposed activity’s location, including a map
  •   a description of any potential effects of the proposed activity on inherent values (see the Inherent values framework)

The Commissioner may consider other matters they consider relevant to the application.

As part of processing your application, your form and supporting information may be shared with other parties. More information on this process can be found at the back of this form.

If you have any questions about what is required, email your Pastoral Specialist or

Please send your completed form and any supporting information to your Pastoral Specialist. If you do not know who your Pastoral Specialist is, send it to

You can also send it by post to:

  • Pastoral team
    Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand
    Private Bag 4721
    Christchurch 8140