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Application for consent to sublease or sublicence an interest in a Crown pastoral lease or licence.

You need written consent to sell, transfer, sublease or dispose of any interest in a Crown pastoral lease or licence. You do not need consent to raise a mortgage over the leasehold interest.

To apply for consent to sublease or sublicence a Crown pastoral lease or licence, the lessee must complete this application form.

If you want to transfer a lease or licence, or transfer shares within a limited liability company, do not complete this form. The correct forms can be found on our website.

Please check you have provided:

  •   details of the current lessee or licensee
  •   details of the proposed transferee(s)
  •   details of the proposed sublease or sublicence
  •   if the transferee is an organisation, evidence of their legal status
  •   information on the transferee(s)’s skills, experience, and financial position
  •   signed copies of any relevant sublease/sublicence documentation, for example a sublease deed.

You must provide enough information to allow the Commissioner of Crown Lands (the Commissioner) to decide on your application. To avoid delays, we recommend providing as much information as possible. The Commissioner will contact you in writing if more information is required and place your application on hold. This written request will ask you to provide the required information within a certain timeframe. If the Commissioner cannot get the required information within that timeframe, your application may be declined.

As part of the transfer, the Commissioner will consider whether it is appropriate to add a new condition on the lease which will require the lessee/licensee to undertake public access negotiations in future.

If you have any questions about what is required, email your Pastoral Specialist or

Please send your completed form and any supporting information to your Pastoral Specialist. If you do not know who your Pastoral Specialist is, send it to

You can also send it by post to:

Pastoral team
Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand
Private Bag 4721
Christchurch 8140