Discretionary pastoral activities

Find out what activities need the consent of the Commissioner of Crown Lands, and how to apply for consent.

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Pastoral lessees need the consent of the Commissioner of Crown Lands before carrying out various activities on the land.

The table below lists the activities which need the Commissioner’s consent. If you have any questions about whether a proposed activity requires consent, or you are unsure what sort of information you need to provide, please email pastoraltenure@linz.govt.nz.

A new consents regime came into effect on the 17 November 2022 to support the implementation of the reforms to the Crown Pastoral Land Act.

Activities requiring the Commissioner’s consent, and relevant request form

To apply for consent, complete the following consent application form and the specific activity form for each type of activity you’re applying for.

Activity Form
Burning vegetation
Clearing indigenous vegetation
Felling, selling, removing, destroying, or burning timber or bush (excluding exotic pest plant species) 
Cropping, cultivating, draining, or ploughing any part of the land
Top-dressing or sowing seeds
Planting vegetation (excluding riparian planting using indigenous species sourced from local seeds)
Forming any path, road, or track on the land
Creating new fire breaks
Constructing buildings and infrastructure
New fencing outside a cultivated paddock
Clearing drains (except where the activity is a permitted pastoral activity)
Constructing water storage infrastructure, including dams
Spraying a slope to remove vegetation, and replanting the slope in stock or forage crops
Undertaking any other activity affecting, involving, or causing disturbance to the soil
Granting, varying, or revoking an exemption from any stock limitation
To apply for a recreation permit
To apply for a recreation permit to film
To apply for an easement
To transfer a lease or licence (shares in a limited liability company)
To transfer a lease or licence (excluding the transfer of shares in a limited liability company)
To sublease or sublicence

Application fees

All amounts are GST inclusive and payable upon application.

These charges relate to the preparation and registration of documents by the Commissioner of Crown Lands.

Please make payment to 03-0049-0002402-18, using the applicant’s name and the application type as a reference. You will be asked to provide proof of payment when your application is received.

Application / Request Amount
An instrument under section 60 granting or reserving a right of way or other easement over or under Crown land $165
A recreation permit under section 66A $112.50
A consent under section 89, ie a transfer, sublease or sublicence $112.50
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