Where to buy charts

Our charts and the Notices to Mariners, which update them, are available in a range of formats. Mariners should make sure the charts and publications on board their vessels are adequate for their voyage and up-to-date

The New Zealand Chart Catalogue (NZ202) lets you search by region or chart number to identify which charts you need. The catalogue lists the most recently-updated version of each chart. You can buy paper copies of the official charts from chart retailers.

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Digital charts

Digital copies of New Zealand charts are available in various formats:

Corrections to charts

We publish corrections to our charts every fortnight as Notices to Mariners (NtM). These show details such as lights that have been extinguished, new sandbanks that may have emerged, or buoys that have been moved.

The law requires commercial mariners and some others to update their nautical publications, including charts, with the corrections published in the NtM. (Refer to the Maritime Rules document at the end of this page).

Guidance on how to apply NtM corrections to nautical charts can be found in the British Admiralty publication How to Keep Your Admiralty Charts Up To Date (NP294), which is sold in New Zealand by the Admiralty Chart Agent Trans Pacific Marine Ltd.

Rules for the sale of charts

We supply charts through our wholesale distributor, Blue Star. They are correct at the time they are supplied and meet the requirements of Maritime Rules Part 25: Nautical Charts and Publications [Rule 25.7(2A)(a)].

The Notices to Mariners include updates on any charts that have been cancelled or withdrawn. They will also include details on New Editions or New Charts.

Retailers must not sell any chart which has been withdrawn or cancelled without telling the purchaser that it has been cancelled or withdrawn.

Retailers must not sell any cancelled chart more than two months after it is either cancelled or withdrawn.

Last Updated: 14 October 2016