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Find out more about the variety of mahi we do at Toitū Te Whenua.

Our data, information products and services are used by people all over New Zealand.

If you've ever:

  • Ordered a taxi through an app
  • Planned a road trip using a map or app
  • Bought or sold a property
  • Gone on a tramp through the countryside
  • Checked the tides before you went swimming, boating or fishing

Great news! You’re already using Toitū Te Whenua services.

We also support people and organisations directly by providing the data and information they need to do their mahi, like emergency response planners, surveyors, property lawyers, and our Māori-Crown relations partners. 

We take a collaborative, sustainable and future-focused approach to our work, helping Aotearoa New Zealand respond successfully to the key challenges it faces, such as climate change and biodiversity loss. Having current, accurate and easy-to-access data enables our communities to be more resilient and able to respond to what comes at us.  

Left image: person in hi-vis jacket inspecting a site, right image: person highlighting a survey plan

Working with other agencies and partners, we seek to ensure that New Zealanders can be confident that the future of our land, communities and country is being planned from an informed and expert position that balances environmental, social, cultural and economic considerations.  

We work in partnership with Māori and iwi to ensure our Treaty obligations are honoured, provide access to geographical, land and property information and support Māori outcomes and aspirations for their whenua.

Left image: two surveyors working in an Antarctic landscape, right image: a satelite over Earth

Whether you're developing our products and services to support our work, or managing the Crown estate, or engaging with our iwi partners, or helping us be an effective regulator, you’ll be part of an organisation that helps power New Zealand’s economy and informs some of the most important decisions we face, now and in the future.

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