SouthPAN (Southern Positioning Augmentation Network) will improve the accuracy and reliability of satellite-based positioning systems in New Zealand and Australia.

The Southern Positioning Augmentation Network (SouthPAN) is a joint initiative of the New Zealand and Australian Governments to provide improved positioning and navigation services in Australia, New Zealand, and their maritime region.

This is the first Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) in the Southern Hemisphere.

SouthPAN is the result of a partnership between Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand and Geoscience Australia. 

The SouthPAN network is composed of global navigation reference stations, computing centres, signal generators, and satellites. 

This network provides augmented and corrected satellite navigation data, allowing for location accuracy as little as 10 centimetres to be available to all New Zealand, including remote areas and maritime zones. 

This technology has wide-ranging potential uses, from rail, road and maritime transport, crop management, 
industry safety and emergency resilience.

The benefits of more accurate and reliable positioning from SouthPAN have an expected value of $864 million over 19 years for New Zealand.

Environmental monitoring
SouthPAN's greater accuracy and reliability will support our conservation efforts and environmental goals. 
Using real-time, accurate data, the Department of Conservation will be able to track and monitor the locations of rare species and the environment around them.   

Safety on construction sites
SouthPAN’s accuracy and reliable data will help protect people, equipment and vehicles on hazardous sites. 
The benefits of SouthPAN for construction site safety are estimated to be worth $82 million to the industry.

Aviation safety 
The Safety of Life Certification, which will be achieved by 2028, will allow planes, helicopters, and uncrewed aerial vehicles to use SouthPAN for navigation and landing.

This technology enables aircraft to fly safely in adverse weather conditions they cannot operate in now. This includes emergency flights and rescue services. 

These benefits are extensive to the maritime, rail and road transport sectors.

Farming - virtual fencing of livestock
SouthPAN technology can help improve farm productivity, manage animal wellbeing and protect our waterways. 

Combined with other technologies, SouthPAN will be a platform for innovation and represents a significant milestone in international cooperation between Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand industries are full of energy and innovation, driven by talented people with great skills and ideas. 

One of the challenges our industries and sectors face is access to reliable and accurate positioning data. Until now, this has been difficult and costly, leading to missed opportunities and roadblocks to growth. With SouthPAN, this is changing. 

SouthPAN augments Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to improve the accuracy and reliability of existing satellite positioning and navigation services, such as GPS. Accuracy will improve from 5-10 metres down to sub-metre accuracy, and in some cases, as little as 10 centimetres. 

Early Open Services are open access and freely available now to users with compatible GNSS devices. 

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