SouthPAN benefits

New Zealand and Australia have jointly confirmed the feasibility of SouthPAN. Between 2017 and 2019, a trial established that SouthPAN improved GPS accuracy, improved signal integrity, and reduced commercial costs.

The quantified benefits of SouthPAN to New Zealand are estimated at $864m over 20 years. This value will increase as new applications emerge and solutions are developed. 

SouthPAN provides open access to improved accuracy, reliability and availability of positioning services across New Zealand and Australia. 

Combined with other technologies, SouthPAN will help to deliver:

  • innovation 
  • improved positioning and navigation services 
  • better data-driven decisions 
  • improved productivity and efficiency 
  • reduced operating costs 
  • optimised processes 
  • improved applications 
  • regulatory compliance. 

Once fully operational, SouthPAN will support aviation safety (known as Safety of Life certification). 

Domestic air travel will be safer and fewer flights will be disrupted by low visibility or bad weather conditions. Emergency flights and rescue helicopters will be able to operate in extreme weather conditions. 

Find out more about the SBAS test bed trial and read the EY economic benefits report 

Download the SouthPAN factsheet for more information:

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