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Consultation on a new addressing profile for NZ developed from the ISO-19160-1.2015 standard.

The addressing profile is aimed at those managing or working with address data in territorial authorities, central government, and the private sector. The profile aims to standardise address data across NZ so that it can be openly shared and used in addressing systems and applications. 

Providing feedback

We are seeking:

  • general agreement on the content of the profile
  • technical feedback on the profile, in particular Annex B that describes the 6 types of addresses in New Zealand and their components.


Address: Conceptual Model for New Zealand
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The New Zealand Profile of ISO 19160-1:2015 Addressing – Part 1: Conceptual Model

How to read the profile

  • The profile starts with a recap of the relevant portions of ISO 19160-1, before presenting the New Zealand conceptual model, followed by definitions and code lists.
  • The annexes give information on the 6 types of addresses in New Zealand, the components that each type contain, and example diagrams and implementation considerations.

Consultation closes on 3 August 2021.

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The guide “Useful information for people working with addresses” is drawn partially from material in the profile and provides an easy-to-read introduction to addresses. 
Useful information for people working with addresses

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