Elevation data

Access nationally consistent high accuracy elevation data through the LINZ Data Service.

Elevation data captured as part of LINZ’s role in the coordination of national LiDAR is being made freely available through the LINZ Data Service as 1m Digital Elevation Models and the source point cloud data for the areas in green. Capture and supply of data from the orange areas is in progress and will be made available on the LINZ Data Service in the future.

Overview of elevation data captured by LINZ

New data capture partnerships

LINZ is interested in hearing from potential partners for new LiDAR data procurement, and we may be able to contribute to the cost of data capture for inclusion as part of the national dataset. To discuss future project plans and potential partnership, please email us at imagery@linz.govt.nz

LiDAR base specification

This specification provides a foundation for New Zealand public sector LiDAR procurements. It sets minimum standards to ensure that high quality LiDAR point cloud data and digital elevation models are suitable for inclusion in the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) led National Elevation Programme to facilitate easier discovery and access through central data management. Data captured under this specification will contribute to the National Elevation Model consisting of a bare earth digital elevation model (DEM), a digital surface model (DSM), and the corresponding classified point cloud.

Last Updated: 4 April 2018