Geodetic data is available through the LINZ Data Service.

The LINZ Data Service provides some geodetic data layers that are based on the more complex Landonline geodetic data. The full data sets remain available via the geodetic section of this website:

Download geodetic mark data

The geodetic layers provide access to:

  • geodetic marks
  • geodetic Antarctic marks
  • geodetic vertical marks
  • geodetic Antarctic vertical marks.

For more information see:

  • the LINZ Data Service metadata (provided through the service) for a description of the geodetic data layers
  • the geodetic data FAQ
  • about Landonline, the system in which geodetic data is maintained and integrated with cadastral and land titles data. Landonline also stores information about the geodetic marks and the observations between them
  • the searchable geodetic marks database or the geodetic marks KML file for Landonline geodetic mark data.
Last Updated: 22 February 2021